Tracking online orders is easier than before

Before ordering online I was always afraid. What if I don’t get there? but if it arrives but I do not receive an opinion from the post? How can I be sure that my package has been sent? Now things are much easier. Before ordering I ask the seller if he sends tracking tracking and how much this service costs me. Then after receiving the tracking number I periodically check the location of my parcel.

You may be wondering how this can be possible. Well there are sites like Order Tracking that come to our aid. All we have to do is check the tracking number periodically. They have a very large base with companies that send parcels. Normally their web application will automatically detect the carrier and provide the latest information. However, if there are any uncertainties, the application will allow us to manually select the carrier. Honestly, this doesn’t bother me as long as I know when my parcel will arrive.

Also, if you already know with which carrier to receive the parcel you can go directly to the page dedicated to it. This way you will have the opportunity to check the tracking much faster and of course you will find more information. I leave below links to two of the most popular methods of package delivery:


China Post:

In our country, the delivery time of packages is not only the carrier but also the Romanian post. In addition, the country from which the parcel is shipped is very important. If we talk about a member country of the European Union then surely our packages will arrive faster. However, if the package comes from China it will take longer and it may be possible to reach the customs post office. This is why if you have a choice between several sellers choose the one who sends the product from a European country.

Also if you want to check all the way through the parcel on the above site then you must request delivery with external recommended. Otherwise you risk receiving some tracking numbers that are only valid until the parcel leaves the country of dispatch. This is not exactly delightful because most delays make our packages to us in the country.

Have you used such a program before? How useful do you find it?

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