Ancient greek lolita style

Lolita fashion style is a popular trend among young people in the last years. This style comes in different ranges, with multiple designs and many types of lolita, suitable for different occasions. Every lolita dress has a story and an inspiration. In the case of ancient greek lolita style, the inspiration comes from the particular classical style of ancient greeks. All the dresses are unique and unexpected, combining ancient classic elements with modern garments. These elegant lolita dresses are inspired by the distinctive features of ancient greek clothing, being part of the nobility series. They are exquisite, made with excellent materials and high garments. But let’s find out more about this fantastic trend, a combination of history and fashion, with beautiful results.

  • Ancient greek lolita dress – characteristics

This type of dress is the ultimate combination of new and old, elegant, and fresh. The model of the dress maintains its classical lolita appearance, with a voluminous skirt and fitted upper part, but with some unique details that are inspired by the style of ancient greek. The ancient Greeks are well-known for their great style and the fact that they were in love with all beautiful things. They used delicate and refined materials for their articles of clothing, that fell in many folds, creating a spectacular view while they were walking, as if they were gravitating from the land. Also, the accent was put on the sleeves. As well, the ancient greek lolita dress keeps this pattern. You can find a numerous range of amazing dresses that feature an elegant style. The dresses are usually made with chiffon, silk-like material, that provides a gentle and comfortable touch while creating an outstanding flowy effect. The sleeves are mid-length or full-length, to resemble the ancient greek dresses, usually made with chiffon, or other transparent material that will show off a little bit of skin. The accent is put on sensuality and feminity. You can choose a daytime dress, with a simple design, adequate for multiple occasions. The length of the dress is midi, and the skirt is enriched with chiffon layers to add volume and elegance. The sleeves are also mid-length, made with transparent material, to show off a little bit of skin and add sensuality. This type of dress is ideal for the summer days, the material is gentle to the surface, and the multiple layers of the skirt will create a beautiful effect.

If you are looking for a dress ideal for the night or parties, the ancient castle elf series is suitable. This model is exquisite, with lace details and long sleeves. The primary color, blue or red, adds elegance and stylish notes, making the outfit outstanding. The attention to detail and the elements used in design make this dress a beautiful piece, with ancient vibes while still being actual. It is the perfect combination between old and new, history and fashion. You will feel like a goddess in this dress, for sure.

  • White – the perfect color for the ancient greek lolita style

If you want an authentic ancient greek lolita dress, then you should consider white. White is a dominant color that symbolizes the purity of faith. It was used very often in ancient times to transmit purity and innocence. White is also a suitable color for the hot summer days, keeping the body cold. The ancient greeks simply loved this color due to the main benefits, but also for the strong symbolism. Luckily, you can find a wide range of white lolita dresses with ancient greek elements. They are both modern and classic, with elegant notes and beautiful design. Let’s talk about a few models that will make you feel spectacular when you will wear them.

You can find beautiful flowy ancient greek lolita dresses, with multiple layers of soft material, that look like they were made in heaven. They are indeed a fashion statement. When you walk, the numerous folds of the dress will create a Magnifique effect, summerish and fresh, yet very stylish. The white color of the dress will draw all the attention and transmit innocence and purity.

Another beautiful dress within this combination is the white short sleeves floral double-layer trim cotton lolita. The design is outstanding and reveals the simplicity, pure elegance of white. The skirt is voluminous, with multiple layers, while the upper part is fit to the body, corset-like. The sleeves are short, enrich with frills, and delicate embroidery. The same embroidery could also be found on the skirt, to add extra volume and a precious effect. This design is truly outstanding and is the perfect choice for summer events. The dress is made with cotton, an excellent material to wear in the hot days, is comfortable and straightforward, yet stylish. If you are looking for a beautiful white dress that resembles the main characteristics of ancient times but is also modern, and in trends, then this dress is one of the best choices you could make.

If you desire a white dress with a twist, then the one you are looking for is the dusk of the gods’ series lolita long dress. This model is elegant, stylish, with retro vibes, yet in a classical shape. The primary color is white, but the design is completed with colorful elements that make this dress special. On the dress are applied purple details, that contrast heavenly with the white color. The combination of white lace and purple bows is merely outstanding. The skirt design is enriched with the dusk of the gods’ print, which adds special notes and vintage vibes. The skirt is voluminous, with frills and lace details, while the upper part consists of an elegant white blouse, that has a purple bow placed in the center, along with lace details. This design will make you feel like a goddess. The precious materials used, sophisticated features, create a stylish effect that makes this dress appropriate for elegant events. The old and new blends perfectly into a real piece of art that will draw all the attention. It is a perfect combination of history and modern fashion, that will offer you the best of the two worlds.

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