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Hello, my dear readers!

In today’s article I want to tell about Dresslily, a site I told you about in other articles. Because the pandemic is keeping us at home I have reoriented myself to the online environment. As you can see even the blog has benefited from changes during this period.

Well, as summer approaches, I thought my wardrobe needed a few small changes. That’s why I thought I would share with you a few products that caught my attention. I hope I can add some of them to my shopping cart.

Due to the state in the house and the chaotic food I started to get rid of the pounds gained last year. This is why many pairs of jeans now refuse to stay on me and I should buy some more. Yesterday the pair above drew my attention. I really like the model and I think I found my size too. The price is very good and probably unless something else appears in the plan I will have this pair of pants very soon.

In addition to forgetting about pants, I must admit that lately I have looked very often at the latest arrived products. The ones at Dresslily are recognized for offering new products in a short period of time. In addition, the launch of a new collection generally attracts numerous discounts. Here is a small example:

Here is the new arrival:  


It’s time to refresh your wardrobe! DressLily prepare the best high-quality but low-prices products for you, make you free under all occasion for Monday to Friday

I know that probably this summer we won’t get to the sea, though I hope that doesn’t happen. However, I think that buying a bathing suit is not a bad thing, on the contrary it can be used after this pandemic is over.

Below I leave you some discount coupons for the situation in which you want to order more products. I say they are very useful.

Use code:DLBF20 with 20% OFF:  

Over 10usd, save 2usd;

Over 20usd, save 4usd;

Over 30usd, save 6usd;

Over 40usd ,save 8usd;

Over 50usd, save 10usd;

Over 60usd, save 12usd;

Over 70usd, save 14usd;

Over 80usd, save 16usd;

Over 90usd, save 18usd;

Over 100usd, save 20usd;

Over 110usd, save 22usd;

Over 120usd, save 24usd;

Over 130usd, save 26usd;

Over 140usd, save 28usd

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