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The dresses fascinated me as a young child. I remember my mother’s dresses with lace, embroidery, veil, chiffon, velvet or natural silk. The pale, lighted or pastel colors excited the eyes. Also her mother had some prom dresses from her grandmother. The former grandmother’s grandmother crowned and stitched up her dresses alone. The models took them from the fashion magazines of the time. This year I need three dresses for the evening. I chose an older site where I bought clothes, shoes, makeup and even jewelery. This is zaful.com.

 outfits Ruffles Plunging Neck Formal Maxi Dress - GREEN L Mobile


After long searches we chose three dresses on solid solid color page. The first is a long green polyester dress with a right waist and skirt in the corrugations. The model is called ruffles plunging the neck of the formal maxi drees. Goes for a linear silhouette and can be worn in the spring / summer season. She goes to a wedding, opera or theater, but also to a party. Lightweight and vaporous cut and cut have a retro charm.

 outfits Pleated Solid Color Long Dress - CADETBLUE XL Mobile


The second dress is a classic and simpler model. The color is a blue blemarin, straight cut with long sleeves and without decolletage. Pleated solid color long drees, this is a demanding dress can be worn almost anywhere at any occasion, from the evening to the theater at the meetings at the company where you work, at the restaurant when you have dinner and even at home when you have dinner with friends. The right croi and the classic model go for almost every occasion. The fabric is polyester, so the dress is light and lightly padded on the bust, and the skirt falls into slightly wrinkled folds.

 hot Plus Size Faux Fur Hooded Dress Coat - PURPLE 5XL Mobile


The third dress is a winter dress. Warm wool with polyester wool works wonderfully during the cold season. The bows, the collar and the cuffs are eco-friendly. The shade of the dress is red with the black blonde border. Hooded drees coat is a dress that goes on Christmas, but also in town shopping, skating and even sleigh ride.

I chose the three dresses for my personal use, you can choose your models according to your age, weight, model, or occasions you want to attend. Zaful.com offers everything you want, and on 11.11.2017 will have many promotions and offers so stay close.

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