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Fitting Checked Wool Coat – Black Xl

Vintage Moon Sun Round Ring Set – Silver

I finally received the package from zaful.com that contained a black and white coat and a set of venetian rings. The coat looks super ok and the rings are the same. Do not be frightened if you order such a set because the rings look very small and look like fingers. The trick is that these rings are adjustable according to the size of their fingers.

The coat is three-quarters and can be worn during autumn-winter. Fabric is wool with polyester and has lining. Croiala is classic and closes at four buttons. It’s a more retro classic and goes with both pants and dress or skirt. For a long time I wanted such a coat because I had a similar one in the 80’s and since then I have not found another one the same. You also want to attach a fur collar or be worn with a scarf. Also, the right cut goes for a thin, but also for the full silhouette, the thinning pattern.

The rings can match any trend from classical to trendy, from Gothic to elegant evening outfit. The patterns are from floral, ring-shaped rings, thin rings that can be worn one or a set of two or three on a finger.

I chose this outfit because it characterizes me, being the non-comformist style. And now, coming in the autumn, there was a need for a renewal of the wardrobe, which lacked exactly this wonderful coat. From the box with gablonets I really missed this beautiful set of rings that I can wear all or two or three. It matches with the other jewelery I have in the jewelry box. And zaful.com is the site where you can find anything you want from shoes, jewelery, beauty products, make-up and more.

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